Development of Mineral Sector Infrastructure

Following are the major initiatives for the development of the mineral sector infrastructure:

  • In order to have a smooth access to mineral bearing areas and to facilitate easy approach from mine mouth to market, critical missing links of the metalled road of total length of 85 km have been constructed from the year 2009 to 2015  in District Sargodha, Chakwal, Khushab, Rawalpindi involving expenditure of Rs 288 Million
  • Capacity Building of office of Directorate General Mines & Minerals in terms of provision of Hi-Tech Software  and Hardware including establishment of Web Based GIS with total worth of Rs.50 Million
  • Construction of office Building for Deputy Director (SSM) and Assistant Director (Mines & Minerals), Chakwal with cost of Rs: 16.197 million in the year 2009.
  • Establishment of Coal Pricing Cell and Board for price determination of local indigenous coal to be used in the power generation
  • Scheme for the development of a model mine of coal in Salt Range