Exploration of Mineral Asset Base of Punjab

Exploration and Resource Estimation of Iron Ore and Associated Minerals at Chiniot & Rajoa

Mines & Minerals Department through an international competitive bidding process has awarded a project of “Exploration and Resource Estimation Of Iron Ore and Associated Minerals at Chiniot& Rajoa” over an area of 28km2 to M/S MCC China under supervision of resident consultantM/S GEOSConsortiumagainst a total cost of Rs.1277 million. In the exploration process successful discovery of iron ore, copper and other precious metals has taken place and the results are encouraging for installation of a steel mill in the future. DMT Consortium (Germany) and SRK Consortium (UK) have already been Prequalified and the Successful Consortium (after bidding process) will provide Transaction Advisory Services for “Feasibility Study and selection of Concessionaire / Investor(s) for Iron / Copper Mining and Steel mill in Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan”.

Geophysical Survey of Sub Surface Pre-Cambrian Shield Rocks in Punjab For Metallic Mineral Deposits

Mines & Minerals department has engaged Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) to undertake geophysical surveys and drilling over and area of 18000km2 against a cost ofRs. 57.6 million, to identify the anomalous zones of metallic minerals in the sub surface Pre-Cambrian shield rocks in Punjab. The initial results are very encouraging as 32 promising anomalies have been detected so far during the semi detailed survey and the study is still going on.

Kalabagh Iron Ore to Steel

According to historical estimates 300MT iron ore deposits exist near Kalabagh, District Mianwal. To establish an economical and viable process for making steel using indigenous iron ore and non-coking coal,Government of Punjab engaged M/s IMC & SGA and a German Consortium through competitive bidding process against a total cost of Rs.145 million. The said Consortiumhas developed economically viable process for sponge iron and steel.

Estimation of Coal Resources in Salt Range

Mines and Minerals Department, Government of Punjab got conducted resource estimation of local coal present in Salt Range covering an area of 614km2against a total cost of Rs.285 million on international JORC Standards through Australian Consultant, Snowden (2010-2013). The report has substantiated that Salt Range has more than 600 million tons of bituminous coal (Rank-D), apart from vast reserves of lignite coal, which is suitable for power production as indicated through laboratory tests and ash fusion temperatures.