Frequently Asked Questions

What are Minor and Major minerals? Top
Minor minerals include sand gravels, sand stone, siltstone while Major minerals include coal, iron ore, gypsum, limestome, bauxite etc.
What are the responsibilities of Licensing Authority?  Top
To grant and regulate mining concessions, periodic monitoring of concession through field offices, to defend the litigation in the High Court and Apex Court to save the government interest, to monitor auction committee of concessions and decide the offered bids as per potential of the area.
What is the difference between Large Scale Mining and Small Scale Mining? Top
Large scale mining can be any mega project either undertaken by the foreign investors or by the local entrepreneurs, involving investment of PKR. 300 Million or more in Pakistan currency and the term small scale mining is confined to any mining project in which investment is for an amount less than PKR. 300 Million in Pakistan currency.
What is mode of grant of surface minerals under Small Scale Mining? Top
Surface minerals like silica sand, firclay, bentonite etc are granted through open auction for the period of five years after due publicity in press. The lease so granted will be renewable for further terms of five years on the satisfactory performance of concessionaires.
What is Dead Rent? Top
Dead rent payable on mining lease. Provided that lessee shall pay either royalty or rent, whichever is higher.
What is Royalty? Top
Royalty is a non-tax receipt and is based on mineral dispatched from the leased/licensed area under rule 65, 66 and 141 of the Punjab Mining Concession Rules, 2002, by the lessee/licensee on the rates as notified by the government.
What is Surface Rent? Top
Surface rent is the rent of land belonging to private person paid by lessee or license.