03 Oct

Delineation of Negative and Positive Areas for Installation of Cement Plants in Salt Range and Trans Indus Range


A  Meeitng of Consultants  (M/s NESPAK, M/s Sogreah  Gulf Artelia Group Dubai) was held under the chairmanship of Secrertary Mines & Minerals and DG Mines & Minerals with representatives of the following departments for their feedbacks and commnents on the study for delineation of negative  and positive areas for installation of cement plants in Salt Range and Trans Indus Range.

  1. Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department, Lahore
  2. Environment Protection Department, Government of the Punjab, Lahore
  3. Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab
  4. Irrigation Department, Government of the Punjab
  5. C&W Department, Government of the Punjab
  6. Primary & Secondary Health Department, Government of the Punjab
  7. Labor & Human Resource Deparment, Government of the Punjab
  8. Industries, Commerance & Investment Department, Government of the Punjab 
28 Sep  Draft Provincial Mineral Policy, 2017

Mines & Minerals Department has engaged renowned consultansy firm Ernst & Young for institutional restructuring of Mines & Minerals Department in order to bring the functioning of the department at par with modern day world. Ernst & Young and Legal Consultancy Firm (CLM) drafted a Provincial Mineral Policy, 2017 after detailed deliberations, which is attached below for stakeholders and general public review and comments. For feedback on mineral policy please click here


22 June 6th Cabinet Committee meeting for ratification of reserve prices of minor minerals
  6th meeting of Cabinet Committee on Mines & Minerals Department held on 22.06.2017. Cabinet reviewed the results of previous auctions and ratified the reserve prices of 66 blocks/zones of minor minerals
22-24 May 2nd International Seminar on Business Opprotunities in Punjab

2nd Internation Seminar on Business Opportunities held on 22-24 May in Lahore. Mines & Minerals Department Department signed following three MOUs : -

  1. Mines & Minerals Department with Fatima Chemical Ltd. JV FL Smith A/S for installation of cement plant.
  2. Mines & Minerals Department with WBM International for installation of Chemical Industry
  3. Mines & Minerals Department with WBM International for installation of Glass Industry


27 Apr Meeting on Issues of Margalla

A Meeting with stakeholder and body of crusher onwers was held under the Chairmanship of Minister for Mines & Minerals to address the Margallah issues. The chair highlighted the point of view of governmnet and the reservations of stakeholders and crusher onwers were also invited. Secretary Mines & Minerals ensure full cooporation to redress their grievances.
Director Small Scale Mining Assistance and Deputy Director, Rawalpindi were also directed to visit the site and prepare the viable blocks with association of crusher owners.

19 Apr Visit of team from Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) to Mines & Minerals, Department 
  A team from PERI consisting of 16 members along with their faculty representatives visited Mines & Minerals, Department. A detailed briefing on Mines & Minerals, Department, fuctions and duties of attached and autonomous department was presented to team by Addition Secretary/Director Generals Mines & Minerals as well as the members of core team and views of teams were also solicited.
14 Apr 2nd Meeting of Cabinet Committee
  2nd Meeting of Cabinet Committe held under the chairmanship of Minester Law and PA, in which implementation status of directions of Worthy Chief Minister, Punjab related to Margalla issues was presenetd to Committee. Prosposed Reserve prices of Limestone block of Margalla estimated by special Expert Committtee was also discuss in the meeting 
11 Apr Auction of Minor Minerals Blocks
  2nd phase of auction of Minor Minerals blocks held in respective districts
Mar 05 ADP Review Meeting 
  A meeting under the chairmanship of Secretary (M&M) was held in which current status of ongoing ADP scheme was presented to Secretary M&M  and new ADP schemes were also discussed 
Feb 26 Advertisement of Auction
  188 blocks of Minor Minerals  are advertised in Newspaper for auction 
Feb 18 Ratification of Reserve Price of Minor Minerals
  The Cabinet Committee on Minor Minerals ratified the reserve price of 188 minor mineral blocks for auction
Jan 19 Legal Review of Minor Minerals
  Legal review of minor minerals is completed and notification regarding amendments in the Punjab Mining Concessions Rules issued on 19.01.2016


Nov 06 - 07 International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab
  The Government of the Punjab organized a 2-day International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab on 6th & 7th November, 2015. Investors, traders, industrialists and representatives of financial institutions from China, Turkey, Pakistan and other friendly countries participated in the seminar. Mines & Minerals, Department signed 13 Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese, Turkish and European Companies.
Oct 07 - Nov 05 Seminar on  Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Administration for Pakistan Officials  
  Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China, China Geological Survey and Development Research Center of China Geological Survey organized a seminar on geological survey and Minerals Resources Administration for Pakistan Officials. 10 Officers from Mines and Minerals, Punjab also attended the seminar. The seminar comprised of informative lectures and training related to Geological survey and resource estimation followed by tours of mining and geological museums and libraries.
The officers also attended China Mining expo 2015 where many officials from many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Iran etc. presented their country's mining potential.
China Geological Survey (CGS) organized a Pakistan investment forum for the world to know about our precious minerals resources. Presentations were also made on precious minerals deposits