Mines & Minerals Department is responsible for grant, surveys, exploration and development of mineral resources in addition to collection of rents, royalties and fees from the mining concessionaires. Other responsibilities include infrastructure development in mining areas along with safety, health and welfare of mine workers.

Directorate General Mines & Minerals

Directorate General, Mines & Minerals Punjab grant licenses/leases for exploration and excavation of minerals under Regulation of Mines & Oil Fields & Mineral Development (Government Control) Act, 1948 and Punjab Mining Concession Rules, 2002 (PMC Rules 2002), framed there-under.

Chief Inspectorate of Mines

Chief Inspector of Mines (CIM) is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of the labourers engaged in mining activity under the provisions of the Mines Act, 1923, rules and regulations framed thereunder. CIM also heads the Mines Labour Welfare Organization established under the Excise Duty on Minerals Labour Welfare Act, 1967 and rules framed thereunder for boosting up welfare measures for the labour employed in mining industry.

Punjab Mineral Development Corporation

PUNJMIN was established in 1975 under “Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975”. The general direction and the administration of the corporation and its affairs vest in the board of directors. As per the “Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975” major functions of the PUNJMIN are demarcation of schemes for surveying, prospecting, exploring, development and mining, production and sale of minerals including import and export, improvement of communication, water supplies, power and other matters ancillary to mining along with establishing, managing and running the projects under its direct control.

Punjab Mineral Company

PMC is wholly owned by the Government of the Punjab and is working under the administrative control of Mines & Minerals Department. The company was established for promotion, exploration, development and economic exploitation of the minerals in Punjab. It is administered by the board of directors appointed from government as well as from private sectors.